Top 5 Family-Friendly Places in Hendersonville

Hendersonville has long had a reputation as a retirement town, but that reputation is slowly being dismantled. Every year, there seems to be more and more young families moving to the area, and why wouldn’t they? Hendersonville has many of the same draws as Asheville, but it is able to maintain its small town charm. So, if you and your family are looking for some activities to partake in, you don’t have to look outside of Hendersonville to find them. Check out our top five list of family-friendly places in Hendersonville.

The Carl Sandburg Home

Poet, writer, and activist Carl Sandburg called Flat Rock home from 1945-1967, and his home is now a part of the National Parks Service. At the home, visitors will find well-maintained walking trails, and a wonderfully preserved piece of history. The home is lovingly restored and maintained as if frozen in time in the 1960s. Young children love to visit the goat barn and spend time learning about goats from the dedicated  Parks Service volunteers. If visitors wish to challenge themselves, they can hike all the way up to Big Glassy and take in a fantastic view, one that Carl Sandburg himself gazed upon many of times.

Main Street

The Main Street of Hendersoville is often lauded for its charm, and there is good reason. Lined with a variety of shops, Main Street offers something to everyone. Children will love visiting Dancing Bear toy store and the barrels of old-fashioned candy at Mast General store. If families want to stop for a special treat, there is no bakery finer than McFarland’s. In addition to all that, Main Street also boasts the children’s museum, Hands On and the ECCO Aquarium. 

Hooker Falls

Hooker Falls is a favorite hike no matter the season, but it’s especially fun in the summer. This is a relatively short hike, which makes it easy to accomplish with children in tow, but what’s fun about it is getting to play in the water. This is a popular swimming destination because the pool below the fall is part of a larger lake, and there is not a strong current. However, swimmers should still use precaution and never try to climb or jump from the fall. 

Southern Appalachian Brewery

Going to breweries are a family affair around here. Most breweries in the area cater to families and offer play spaces to kids. Southern Appalachian has a great space for kids to run around and play while mom and dad enjoy a well-deserved brew. On most evenings, Southern Appalachian has a food truck on premises, but patrons are also allowed to bring in their own food making this a great place for both grownups and kids alike.

The Oklawaha Greenway Trail

The Oklawaha Greenway Trail connects Berkley Mills Park, Patton Park, and Jackson Park. This trail is fully paved and mostly flat with a few exceptions. This trail is great for family bike rides because of the playgrounds at Patton and Jackson Park, and because of the trail’s proximity to restaurants and breweries in the Seventh Avenue District.