M & T Distilling

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/12/2023

By: Dan Gibbs Hendersonville has a long history of moonshine that dates to the mid-19th century. Prohibition during the 1920’s was when the Moonshine industry in Hendersonville became notorious for its violence, and it was big business as well. The Moonshine trade in Hendersonville was so prominent that the federal government formed a task force, […]

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Eugenia Duke

by: Dan Gibbs • 11/30/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Duke’s Mayonnaise has been a southern staple for over a century and it got its start in Greenville, South Carolina. When the United States became involved in World War I, a training camp named Camp Sevier was set up in Greenville around 1917 to train soldiers going off to war in Europe. […]

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Mean Mr. Mustard Café

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/26/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Mean Mr. Mustard Café is a Beatles themed restaurant located at 605 Kanuga Road in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The restaurant takes their name from a Beatles song penned by John Lennon when the Beatles were in India in 1969 and the song was on their iconic album Abbey Road. Abbey Road was one of […]

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McFarlan Bake Shop

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/26/2021

By: Dan Gibbs McFarlan Bake Shop has been a fixture on Main Street in Hendersonville since 1930 when original owner Erle McFarlan opened its doors. It is one of those iconic restaurants that most towns have. Anytime a friend comes to Hendersonville for the first time, that is one of the first places I take […]

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Day Tripping in Hendersonville

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/15/2021

By Dan Gibbs We started out the day by going for breakfast at the Fireside Inn and Pancake Restaurant. It is one of the few true breakfast restaurants open in Hendersonville during these times of the pandemic. The food was good as was the service.  The next stop we made was at McFarlan Bake Shop […]

Shopping Main Street in Hendersonville

by: David Lawson • 11/30/2020

Shopping in the downtown business district in historic Hendersonville is a unique way to pick up many unusual gifts and to take in the local flavor and culture of the mountains. The merchants of the Main Street district are an eclectic group of businesses that have long served Hendersonville through the years and have expanded […]

Holiday Bucket List: Hendersonville, NC

by: • 11/25/2020

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, which will officially kick-off the holiday season. Before we know it, the clock will strike midnight on December 31st, and the holiday season (and 2020!) will be over. So, don’t be a Grinch! This year has been brutal, and we should all celebrate the season. Here is a […]

The Bakeries of Hendersonville

by: David Lawson • 11/23/2020

The holiday season has officially come to Hendersonville and surrounding areas. Families will be gathering to share the holidays, recount the many family memories and blessings. Family and friends will gather bring with them the unique tastes of Hendersonville for all to enjoy. No gathering would be complete without the desserts that always seem to […]

Hendersonville, NC: Thanksgiving and Christmas Events

by: • 11/16/2020

It’s no secret that the holidays this year will look quite a bit different than they usually do. While we may have to connect virtually with family this year instead of connecting face-to-face, we can still create a joyful holiday season for us and our families. Here’s a round-up of local events you can participate […]

Hendersonville Healthy Restaurant Options

by: • 11/16/2020

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall, we naturally want to indulge in more comfort foods. But, indulging in these foods comes with a price, and with the third wave of COVID, it’s important to keep our overall well-being front of mind. Luckily, Hendersonville has quite a few healthy options for take-out on […]

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