Flight 22

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/12/2023

By: Dan Gibbs A lot of people in Hendersonville’s lives changed forever when Piedmont Flight 22 out ofAsheville collided with a Cessna 310 over the skies above Hendersonville a little after 12 PM onJuly 19, 1967. The Boeing 727, owned by Piedmont Airlines, was headed from Asheville toRoanoke, VA and the Cessna was headed from […]

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Main Street In Hendersonville

by: Dan Gibbs • 07/07/2022

By: Dan Gibbs Most towns, no matter how large or small, have a Main Street. Main Street in Hendersonville has a unique appearance that has undergone a few reincarnations since the city of Hendersonville was laid out in 1841.  Henderson County was formed in 1838 and the city of Hendersonville came to be in 1841-1842. […]

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Dueling In Hendersonville: Part II

by: Luke Wherry • 06/27/2022

By Dan Gibbs No one seems to know the exact date of Hendersonville’s second duel between John Baxter and Marcus Erwin, but it probably occurred around 1857. This duel was fought over the politics of States Rights and Secessionists versus the supporters of the Union.  John Baxter was an attorney that lived in Hendersonville that […]

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Dueling In Hendersonville: Part 1

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/27/2022

By Dan Gibbs Dueling was made illegal in North Carolina in 1802 by a statute passed by the North Carolina Legislature but that did not stop men from dueling. The first of these duels in Hendersonville took place in early November 1827 a little over 10 years before Henderson County was formed.  The Duelists were […]

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Eugenia Duke

by: Dan Gibbs • 11/30/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Duke’s Mayonnaise has been a southern staple for over a century and it got its start in Greenville, South Carolina. When the United States became involved in World War I, a training camp named Camp Sevier was set up in Greenville around 1917 to train soldiers going off to war in Europe. […]

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Campbell’s Covered Bridge

by: Dan Gibbs • 11/01/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Campbell’s Covered Bridge is located near the town of Landrum, SC at 171 Campbell’s Covered Bridge Road in Landrum and about 35 minutes from Hendersonville. About four covered bridges were built in the area at this time and Campbell’s is the last covered bridge still in existence in South Carolina. It was […]

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The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library Part III

by: Dan Gibbs • 09/23/2021

By: Dan Gibbs The movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner featured Shoeless Joe Jackson as a central character. The plot centered around an Iowa farmer who heard a voice telling him to build a baseball field on his property and the ghosts of baseball players past would come back and play there. Shoeless Joe […]

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The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library Part II

by: Dan Gibbs • 09/23/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Owner Charles Comiskey was trying to bring a World Series title to the South Side of Chicago but Jackson only hit .272 over the remainder of his first season. He rebounded to bat .341 in 1916 and helped lead them to the World Series title over the New York Giants in 1917. […]

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The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library Part I

by: Dan Gibbs • 09/23/2021

By: Dan Gibbs The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library is located at 356 Field Street in Greenville, SC. The Museum pays homage to one of the greatest baseball players in Major League Baseball history. The Museum is led by Executive Director Dan Wallach, a Chicago area native and lifelong White Sox fan. The […]

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Oakdale Cemetery

by: Dan Gibbs • 07/21/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Oakdale Cemetery in Hendersonville, the city’s first municipal cemetery, was laid out in 1885. What was then known as Shaw’s Creek Road, now US 64, borders the cemetery on the north and south. It has well over 5,000 burials on 22 acres of land. In 1885, there were two sections of the […]

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