Birding In and Around Hendersonville

by: Dan Gibbs • 12/01/2021

By: Dan Gibbs I first became interested in the hobby known as Birding after my parents retired about 25 years ago. My father started building birdhouses for family and friends and they became interested in seeing how many different kinds of birds would visit the birdhouses and feeders he had made. I went out and […]

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Oakdale Cemetery

by: Dan Gibbs • 07/21/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Oakdale Cemetery in Hendersonville, the city’s first municipal cemetery, was laid out in 1885. What was then known as Shaw’s Creek Road, now US 64, borders the cemetery on the north and south. It has well over 5,000 burials on 22 acres of land. In 1885, there were two sections of the […]

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Bullington Gardens

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/01/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Bullington Gardens is a public botanical garden in Hendersonville that has been around for about 30 years. It was originally started by retired New York City police officer Bob Bullington in 1979 as Flora Knoll Farms when he and his wife retired to Hendersonville.  When Mr. Bullington passed away in 1989 the […]

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Mean Mr. Mustard Café

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/26/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Mean Mr. Mustard Café is a Beatles themed restaurant located at 605 Kanuga Road in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The restaurant takes their name from a Beatles song penned by John Lennon when the Beatles were in India in 1969 and the song was on their iconic album Abbey Road. Abbey Road was one of […]

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McFarlan Bake Shop

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/26/2021

By: Dan Gibbs McFarlan Bake Shop has been a fixture on Main Street in Hendersonville since 1930 when original owner Erle McFarlan opened its doors. It is one of those iconic restaurants that most towns have. Anytime a friend comes to Hendersonville for the first time, that is one of the first places I take […]

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Day Tripping in Hendersonville

by: Dan Gibbs • 02/15/2021

By Dan Gibbs We started out the day by going for breakfast at the Fireside Inn and Pancake Restaurant. It is one of the few true breakfast restaurants open in Hendersonville during these times of the pandemic. The food was good as was the service.  The next stop we made was at McFarlan Bake Shop […]

Artist Spotlight: David Soileau

by: Dan Gibbs • 01/21/2021

By: Dan Gibbs Local artist David Soileau is a 1984 graduate of East Henderson High School and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting with honors from North Carolina-Asheville in 1990.  He relocated to Lexington, KY after graduation from college and became part of a group called the Artist’s Attic. […]

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The Carolina Theatre

by: Dan Gibbs • 01/19/2021

By Dan Gibbs Having grown up in Hendersonville in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, my friends and I spent many Saturday afternoons and as we got older, many weekend nights at the Carolina Theatre on North Main Street in Hendersonville.  Just about everyone that grew up here has a story about what movies they saw and […]

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Hendersonville in Lights!

by: David Lawson • 11/30/2020

The Christmas season comes to life as Hendersonville with glorious and festive lights! The downtown lights up and the houses of the community come to life with creative light displays to help create the joy and peace of the Christmas season. Families can take a stroll through the downtown to enjoy the merchants’ lights and […]

Shopping Main Street in Hendersonville

by: David Lawson • 11/30/2020

Shopping in the downtown business district in historic Hendersonville is a unique way to pick up many unusual gifts and to take in the local flavor and culture of the mountains. The merchants of the Main Street district are an eclectic group of businesses that have long served Hendersonville through the years and have expanded […]