The Top Wineries of Hendersonville

by: Cari Ross • 06/30/2020

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards588 Chestnut Gap RdHendersonville, NC  28792  Google Map Website | Facebook  “Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards is a family-owned operation located in the heart of Henderson County’s apple country.  Nestled on 10 acres of a land grant from England are panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains that the family has enjoyed for […]

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Notable Women of Henderson County: Uva Shipman Minners

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/24/2020

By: Dan Gibbs Uva Shipman Minners was born in Henderson County in 1908 to a Baptist Minister but her family moved to Asheville sometime during her childhood. She graduated from Asheville High School in 1927. She married and moved to New York City in her early 20’s. She became enamored with flying and gained her […]

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Notable Women of Henderson County: Polly Mills Stepp

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/23/2020

By: Dan Gibbs In the late 18th century there was a pioneer woman that lived in Henderson County named Polly Stepp. Her story as a frontier woman was part fact but mostly legend but it is a great story. She was born in 1754 in Orange County, Virginia.  Polly Mills Stepp first appeared in the […]

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Notable Women of Henderson County: Mary Jane King Justice

by: Dan Gibbs • 06/23/2020

By: Dan Gibbs Mary Jane King Justice went by the name “Dr. Polly” and she was one of Henderson County’s first midwifes and medical practitioners. She was born in 1819 and died in 1904. She married John H. Justice of the Dana community in Henderson County. He was known as “the Peacemaker” because of his […]

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Online & Outdoor Workout Classes During COVID-19

by: Mandy Henderly • 06/17/2020

During this ongoing pandemic, people are trying to boost their immune health. While there are some important supplements people can add to their daily regime to boost immunity, most of the immune boosters are just plain common sense: eat a healthy diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise daily. Luckily, in Hendersonville, we have some great […]

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Hiking, Biking, and Other Things: Bike Trails

by: David Lawson • 06/15/2020

Hendersonville and the surrounding area are filled with great trails for urban and mountain biking for riders of all ages and abilities. The trails wind through parks, along riverways, and through the mountains providing a great adventure while viewing the nature that Hendersonville offers. During the warmer months, the trails offer a glimpse of the […]

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Hiking, Biking, Swimming, and Other Things

by: David Lawson • 06/15/2020

Summer has arrived in Hendersonville! The kids are out of school, vacations are coming, and the long lazy days of summer become the new normal. Thinking back to the youthful days of the past, before swimming pools and waterparks, nothing filled the day better than a trip to a favorite swimming hole. Hendersonville is filled […]

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Bobcats Stalking Prey In Hendersonville, NC

by: Luke Wherry • 06/05/2020

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Notable Men of Henderson County: George Mills

by: Dan Gibbs • 05/27/2020

By: Dan Gibbs The story of George Mills is one of the more fascinating story’s to come out of Henderson County during the Civil War. It is a story of friendship, loyalty, and devotion that transcended the social structures that were in place in pre-war United States at the time. George Mills was born into […]

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Hooker Falls In DuPont State Forest

by: Mandy Henderly • 05/27/2020

Now that attractions are beginning to slowly reopen, families are beginning to think about hitting the trails once again. While we all still want to stay safe, the great outdoors is beckoning. Thankfully, DuPont State Forest offers many trails that are both family friendly and realistic for social distancing, so that we can all enjoy […]

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