Fall In Hendersonville

The sun is bright and welcoming in the day and casts lingering shadows as it sets over the mountains. The days are growing shorter and cooler in the mountains of Hendersonville. Long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts are being noticed around town. Fall is coming to Hendersonville.

Fall is one the best times to enjoy Hendersonville’s activities, a walk through the many parks, a trip to the area’s wineries, or day trip through the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The valleys and mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains host the area’s best views of the trees dressed in their fall finest.

The normal fall foliage season runs from mid-September to early November. Keep in mind that the leaves change along with the weather. Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and lingering rains have an effect on the leaves with the higher elevations along the Parkway turning first and cascading down the mountains into Hendersonville. 

  • Mid-September – The colors begin to change in the higher elevations, 6,00 feet plus, of the Blue Ridge mountains
  • First week of October – Color begins to color the Blue Ridge above the 5,000 foot elevations. Cooler temperatures settle in the mountains along the Parkway. Keeping a jacket or sweatshirt close is recommend beginning in October.
  • Second week of October – The trees are beginning to show their best colors in the 4,000 – 5,000 foot elevations of the mountains.
  • Third week of October – The color begins to cascade down the mountains through the 3,000 – 4,000 foot elevations. This is considered the best time to view the foliage on drives along the Parkway. The views from the Parkways down to the valleys are at their peak.
  • Fourth Week of October – Peak color comes to Hendersonville and the foothills of the Blue Ridge 2,000 – 3,000 foot elevations. The trees in Hendersonville are at their brightest and dresses town at its glorious fall best. It is a great time for a walk or a simple drive through town.
  • First week of November – In the lower elevations, 1,000 – 2,000 feet, the color had turned the valleys into their grandest color. The first week of November showcases the full gandoura of foliage from the peaks of the Blue Ridge and flowing down the mountainsides, thought the wineries and orchards, and into town.

There are many great spots around Hendersonville and along the Parkway to take pictures of the fall foliage. The many orchards and wineries offer great spots for picking apples with the family, enjoying lunch, or a stroll through Hendersonville exploring the shops.  

Enjoy the fall in one of America’s best small towns – Hendersonville, NC!