Hiking, Biking, and Other Things: Bike Trails

Hendersonville and the surrounding area are filled with great trails for urban and mountain biking for riders of all ages and abilities. The trails wind through parks, along riverways, and through the mountains providing a great adventure while viewing the nature that Hendersonville offers. During the warmer months, the trails offer a glimpse of the ever-expanding and greening environments. During the fall months, the foliage turns to autumn colors with a crisp breeze filling the air.  

The following trails are great for families and individuals’ next adventure!

Oklawaha Greenway

Hendersonville, NC

Located just outside of town, the Oklawaha Greenway is an outstanding trail for all riders. An urban trail with paved bike trails that are suitable for hikers, the trails are well maintained with all the conveniences that young riders and families require. The trail runs alongside Mud Creek for about 3.25 miles or 6.5 miles round trip. The trail is mostly flat with a few rolling hills making it enjoyable for the younger riders as well as the experienced. The Greenway offers views of nature along both sides of Mud Creek and an occasional glimpse of the local wildlife along the way. The Greenway is a great introductory trail for the younger riders and a relaxing trail for the experienced wanting to enjoy the outdoors.

The Greenway offers restrooms, picnic and rest areas, bike repair stations, and playgrounds. The Greenway trail is a great family adventure for bike riders and hikers! Be watchful for hikers and walkers on the trail and exercise proper trail etiquette toward everyone on the trail.

Dogs are allowed on the trails and are required to be on leashes at all times. There is a dog park located at the lower end of the trail where dogs can play freely. Remember to clean up after your pet to keep the Greenway clean for others. 

The Bike Farm

Brevard, NC

Pisgah National Forest

To the west of Hendersonville lies some of the area’s best mountain biking trails. The Bike Farm is a full-service mountain biking complex complete with a variety of mountain trails for riders of all ages and skillsets. The trails wind through the wooded forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Bike Farm offers full, half-day, or multi-day guided rides or you can ride by yourself without a guide. For the less experienced or the younger riders just beginning mountain biking, The Farm offers lessons and coaching to help set the rider at ease and provide the groundwork for a safe experience. If you do not have a bike, no worries, The Farm also has bikes that can be rented for your adventure and enjoyment. 

No mountain biking experience would be complete without an overnight stay in the mountains. The farm offers camping for those with their gear. The camping spots include platforms for your tent and the traditional forest camping. There several options for you to choose from. 

For those wishing a bit more luxurious night, The Farm offers “glamping” facilities that can sleep 4-6 with restrooms and showers nearby. Fire pits, decks, chairs, and electricity are available in the “glamping” areas making your stay enjoyable.

The coaches and guides are trained in First Aid and CPR making your mountain biking trip safer. All riders are required to wear helmets, with gloves and kneepads suggested, especially for the younger riders. Spills on the trails can be expected.

Check with The Bike Farm for the items which you will bring and reserve bikes or camping/glamping facilities. 

Reeb Ranch Mountain Bike Park

315 Shoals Falls Road

 Hendersonville, NC 28739

To the west and bit south of Hendersonville lies Reeb Ranch Mountain Bike Park, a full-service riding and camping area. The park offers two different types of riding experiences, a mountain park bike park with jumps, a slalom course for racing your friends and family or enjoying the popular rolls throughout the course. The park also offers mountain bike tours where the staff at Reebs plots a course, load up the coolers and supplies in trucks and off you go. As you wind through the mountains, you will see the best that the Hendersonville area has to offer, meeting the trucks are predetermined locations for breaks. If you desire, Reebs can cater to the ride allowing more enjoyment for your bike trip. Either way, the ride will be an enjoyable time for the family. 

You are welcome to bring your bikes or you may rent a bike from Reebs. The bikes are custom built to handle the terrain of the Dupont State and Pisgah National Forests. Either way, your ride through the mountains will be enjoyable for the entire family. 

Camping and lodging are available if you want to make the weekend of the trip. Call ahead for information and reservations for lodging, campsites, and bike rental.

Everyone is required to wear helmets on the trails or in the mountain park. Gloves and knee pads are recommended, especially for the younger riders, as a spill on the trails does happen all too frequently. Safety is everyone’s concern.