Online & Outdoor Workout Classes During COVID-19

During this ongoing pandemic, people are trying to boost their immune health. While there are some important supplements people can add to their daily regime to boost immunity, most of the immune boosters are just plain common sense: eat a healthy diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise daily. Luckily, in Hendersonville, we have some great exercise options that help to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape and support the local economy. 

  1. Yoga and Massage (outdoor and online yoga classes)

Since the beginning of the crisis, YAM has been offering online classes via Zoom. Yoga is a great at home workout because the only equipment needed is a yoga mat. Yoga is a full body workout, but it doesn’t require any jumping that would disturb any sleeping family members. While it definitely gets the heart rate up,  it is also calming to the mind and body, which is so important especially in this current moment. YAM has also been offering some classes at an outdoor location on Lynn Street. These classes are still socially distanced and classes are capped so as to maintain the utmost safety. For more information on their classes and schedule, please visit their website

  1. YMCA of WNC (outdoor, online, and pool classes)

The YMCA has been another leader in moving classes online since the outset of the Pandemic. Their classes stream on Facebook Live, but recordings remain available for those unable to attend the live recording. The YMCA has also begun to offer outdoor classes to their members, and because the indoor pools have reopened as well, they also have lap swimming and water aerobics available to members. During lap swim times, they have reduced capacity to one swimmer per line, so swimmers do need to call ahead to reserve a lane.  For more information, please visit their website

  1. Patton Pool (lap swimming and pool classes)

Operated by the YMCA, Patton Pool provides outdoor swimming and outdoor water aerobics classes to Henderson County residents. The pool at Patton is fifty meters long in contrast to the twenty-five meter long pool at the YMCA. This makes it especially good for lap swimming because the extra pool length really tests endurance. Swimming laps is a wonderful, full body workout that does not put any extra pressure on joints, which makes it an activity one can enjoy at all ages. For more information on price and schedule, please visit their website

  1. Momleta (online and outdoor classes)

Formerly known as Mama and Baby Bootcamp, Momleta provides online and outdoor classes for moms with babies, toddlers, or young children. These classes are a great way for new moms or stay-at-home-moms to meet friends and find support systems to help them through the challenges of new motherhood. During the COVID crisis, their classes have been mostly virtual with socially distanced outdoor classes resuming. There is a class happening everyday either virtually or outdoors. For more information on price and schedule, please visit their website