The Bakeries of Hendersonville

The holiday season has officially come to Hendersonville and surrounding areas. Families will be gathering to share the holidays, recount the many family memories and blessings. Family and friends will gather bring with them the unique tastes of Hendersonville for all to enjoy. No gathering would be complete without the desserts that always seem to be in short supply as the day stretches into the evening.

Hendersonville is blessed with a variety of family-owned bakeries for those traveling into town to stop by and pick-up a pie, cake, or some of the many delicious offerings. If you are unsure of what pick-up, simply ask the folks in the bakery and they will point to the favorites of the area. With the area known for the apples grown in the area, there will be many apple-based pies and cakes, many unique to the bakery itself. 

There are many quality bakeries in Hendersonville and below is a short sampling in which to stop by or call to reserve that special dessert. 

McFarlan Bakery

309 N. Main St.

Hendersonville, NC 28792


The bakery has been in operation since 1930 and is one of Hendersonville’s most popular spots. They are known for all the traditional favorite pies, cakes, and cookies, but the holiday season has many unique offerings, such as pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, a variety of apple pies. If cakes are your favorite, the bakery has you covered with carrot, blueberry, southern cream, and many others. Bread and cookies are also available to round out the family feast. Be sure to call ahead to see what is available and reserve your favorites. 

Underground Baking Company

352 7th Ave E
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792


An Artisan Bakery! The bakery features a wide variety of pies, cakes, bread, and cookies to liven the gatherings. Some of their special offerings include Christmas Bread, pumpkin and chocolate pecan pie, pain au levain (French sourdough), scones, and pecan shortbread cookies. The bakery also offers a variety of coffee beans that will bring a new depth of joy to the desserts.

They have online ordering via the website enabling you to order from your mobile device on the way into town. Your receipts will have specific instructions on when and how to pick up your order.


315 B Church Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792


The bakery has an amazing amount of cakes, pies, and pastries that will satisfy any craving. From the shop cakes, i.e. Swiss or American buttercream, cream cheese icing, the drippy cake with colored buttercream icing dripping down the sides, cakes with sprinkles or gold-leaf cakes. From the pastry side of the bakery, peach, apple berry, French silk, pecan or key lime pies are available and a sure favorite. Cookies and cupcakes are also available as well as other pastries. Give them a call to order or reserve your desserts.

Wildflower Bakery

173 E Main St

Saluda, NC 28773


For those coming from the south, a stop by the Wildflower Bakery is a quick and easy stop on the way into Hendersonville. The bakery is a favorite in Saluda and offers a range of desserts that will please all ages. For Thanksgiving, they are offering pumpkin, blueberry, cranberry, pecan, and apple pies. The pies are made from scratch with handmade crusts using real butter giving the pies that downhome texture and taste. In addition to the pies, they are offering a variety of Wildflowers favorite dinner rolls including crescents. Give them a call to reserve your favorites in time for dinner.

COVID-19 has played havoc for all businesses in Hendersonville and the surrounding areas in 2020. Many towns and businesses have implemented protocols and restrictions to remain in business offering you their finest products. Be sure to ask the business about their specific protocols when picking up your order.